Dealing with the Body Image issues

Dealing with the Body Image issuesBody image is how you feel about your physical appearance or attractiveness. With all the pressure coming from society, and the showbiz world, and the modern day norms, it’s important to maintain a positive body image. If you are thinking badly about your body and appearance, it will be difficult to stay confident, and everything from your study to jobs and relationships to profession will start to suffer.

Here’s how to improve your body image.

Start from being a little less conscious about your physical appearance. It’s important, there’s no doubt, but you have got to focus on grooming yourself and try to bring out the best, thinking all the time about the shortcomings (e.g. height, complexion, etc.) can be unproductive.

Don’t be self-critical just because you don’t comply with some of those so called society standards. It’s more important to be comfortable with your body image, not that you should stop bothering about the unhealthy things like excessive weight or dark circles under the eyes. But as long as you are trying your best (e.g. following proper diet plan and exercise routine) you shouldn’t keep thinking bad of yourself. One good exercise that you could get involved in is to play badminton. It is a good sport that trains both your upper and lower body, boosts your cardiovascular and helps you sweat out the toxins. You can check our badminton training classes in Singapore that might be helpful.

Don’t keep comparing yourself with others, especially not some of those celebrities. Also remember, that just because you think you are looking bad, doesn’t mean you really are (and vice versa).

Don’t try some of those products making tall claims, but there are some that can really help. Make sure you have done your research.

Talk to your friends or loved ones about your body image. If you think your thighs are too thin, or your nose or lips have a shape that doesn’t suit, or your shoulders are too broad. Sometime you might be getting fixated on stuff that is not that prominent to anybody else. Simply talking to your friend and getting a reassurance will be of help.

Always remind yourself of the good qualities in yourself, especially the ones that you’ve been told by others e.g. you are very caring, you are a good listener, or you are good at giving sound advice, you are a problem solver, etc. It is important to focus on all good traits because it will affect how you think of yourself. If you are having just bad thoughts about you, your confidence level will drop and it will turn into a vicious cycle.

The Impact of Stress on Our Skin

The Impact of Stress on Our SkinEvery one of us faces mild or severe level of stress at some point in life, and it goes without saying, that it’s not a good thing. Stress not only has a negative impact on our mental health but it also affects our bodies, even our skin or hair. Though stress is unavoidable but there are ways you can deal with it.

How Stress Affects Our Skin?

Stress makes our skin more reactive and sensitive and if you already have skin woes, it worsens the situation. If you have acne, itching, redness and patches on your skin, the stress delays the healing process. Our skin needs a proper cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating routine which gets disturbed when we are under stressful situations.

And sometimes, it is the opposite, as in, it is the skin related problems which are resulting in stress e.g. moles. Here’s how to get rid of skin moles if you have them.

Five Skin Problems Caused by Stress:

If you are kind of emotionally weak and it’s hard for you to deal with the stress, you will be prone to have the following five skin related problems due to stress.

1: Stress results in unbalanced digestion which makes your skin dry, rough, dull and even oily depending on the type of your skin. The combination of such skin problems can result in dermatitis, eczema, viral warts and shingles.

2: When we are in stress, our body produces certain hormones known as ‘Cortisol hormones’. These hormones send a signal to the sebaceous glands of our skin to produce more oil. The excess oil leads to acne, pimples, white and black heads. This post will help you in getting rid of acne scars.

3: The ongoing stress affects your sleep and you have to spend sleepless nights. This takes away the freshness of your face, resulting in dark circles around the eyes, and it also affects the regeneration function of the skin.

4: Stress can make our skin moisture evaporate because it destroys the lipid barrier of the skin. This results in dehydration and dry skin which leads to fine lines and wrinkles especially on your forehead, around the mouth and chin.

How to Manage Stress?

No matter how difficult it is for you, always stick to a proper skin care and exercise routine. Mange your stress with proper medication, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. Take out time to read a book, see a funny movie, spend some time in cooking and hang out with your closed ones.

Stay positive and cultivate optimism in your thoughts. Take proper sleep of 8 to 10 hours, learn to ignore, limit your expectations and steer clear of excessive smoking and drug consumption.

Best Ways Of Curing Snoring

Best Ways Of Curing Snoring When it comes to snoring, people often spend lots of time thinking about ways of stopping it. All people snore on occasion but in case you snore daily it might affect your relationships, health, and lifestyle. The sooner you find a cure for your snoring, the better it will be for you and all around you. This article will discuss various ways you can stop your snoring.

For those with fatty tissues in their bodies, especially in the back of their throats, this might cause snoring. By shedding those pounds you will be cheaply getting rid of the problem of snoring.

Stop Smoking
Smoking is known to cause blockage in the nose and even throat and more often than not it will also cause your snoring to get worse.

Getting Regular Sleep
It is advisable that you get adequate sleep of not less than 8 hours every day. In doing this, you will reduce as well as control the snoring disturbances.

Avoid Taking Alcohol
Alcohol is known to reduce the tone of the muscles in the throat. By reducing your alcohol intake you will easily avoid snoring.

Changing of sleeping positions
You should never lie on your back when sleeping. This will cause your tongue to fall to the back wall of the throat. This will produce the snoring sound when you sleep that is caused by the vibrations. A better choice of position is sleeping on your side.

Using correct pillows
You need to ensure that your head is elevated to a height of at least 4 inches by use of a pillow specially designed to ensure that the muscles on your neck aren’t crimped.

Staying Hydrated
Make sure that you drink lots of water. Women should consume about 12 cups of water a day while men need to take at least 16 cups.

Clearing your Nasal Passages
Having a nose that is stuffy will make your breathing difficult which is what creates the vacuum that will trigger snoring. Use strips or decongestants to help you breathe better.

Avoiding Caffeine as well as Heavy Meals
You must not take either heavy meals or caffeine at least 3 hours before you go to bed. You also need to avoid dairy products such as milk, butter, and cheese.

When you sing you increase your control over your muscles and this will help reduce snoring.

If you follow these easy steps you will progressively learn how to cure your snoring. Choose the ones that you find working the best for you.