Dealing with the Body Image issues

Posted by Spencer Leonard on December 29, 2015

Dealing with the Body Image issuesBody image is how you feel about your physical appearance or attractiveness. With all the pressure coming from society, and the showbiz world, and the modern day norms, it’s important to maintain a positive body image. If you are thinking badly about your body and appearance, it will be difficult to stay confident, and everything from your study to jobs and relationships to profession will start to suffer.

Here’s how to improve your body image.

Start from being a little less conscious about your physical appearance. It’s important, there’s no doubt, but you have got to focus on grooming yourself and try to bring out the best, thinking all the time about the shortcomings (e.g. height, complexion, etc.) can be unproductive.

Don’t be self-critical just because you don’t comply with some of those so called society standards. It’s more important to be comfortable with your body image, not that you should stop bothering about the unhealthy things like excessive weight or dark circles under the eyes. But as long as you are trying your best (e.g. following proper diet plan and exercise routine) you shouldn’t keep thinking bad of yourself. One good exercise that you could get involved in is to play badminton. It is a good sport that trains both your upper and lower body, boosts your cardiovascular and helps you sweat out the toxins. You can check our badminton training classes in Singapore that might be helpful.

Don’t keep comparing yourself with others, especially not some of those celebrities. Also remember, that just because you think you are looking bad, doesn’t mean you really are (and vice versa).

Don’t try some of those products making tall claims, but there are some that can really help. Make sure you have done your research.

Talk to your friends or loved ones about your body image. If you think your thighs are too thin, or your nose or lips have a shape that doesn’t suit, or your shoulders are too broad. Sometime you might be getting fixated on stuff that is not that prominent to anybody else. Simply talking to your friend and getting a reassurance will be of help.

Always remind yourself of the good qualities in yourself, especially the ones that you’ve been told by others e.g. you are very caring, you are a good listener, or you are good at giving sound advice, you are a problem solver, etc. It is important to focus on all good traits because it will affect how you think of yourself. If you are having just bad thoughts about you, your confidence level will drop and it will turn into a vicious cycle.

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